Learn the basics, get the workouts you want, all on your schedule! A 100% On-Demand Boxing Workout Series that includes our 'Intro to Boxing', 'Fighter Conditioning' and 'Shadow Boxing' workouts + New Workouts Added Monthly

Back Bay Boxing Rookie

What you get... Intro to Boxing Series - Learn the basics here. Slip, weave, punch, counterpunch, this has it all! A great place for beginners or regular members who want to learn or improve their technique. Fighter Conditioning Series - These short, intense workouts are going to HIIT the spot! If you're looking for a 20-30 min workout you can do from anywhere Fighter Conditioning is for you.  Shadow Boxing Series - these shadow boxing workouts are great to refine your boxing technique. With or without hand weights, these will give you a nice shoulder burn, toning your arms, back and shoulders all while learning some great boxing combos! + new workout added monthly!  Note: Back Bay Boxing Rookie is an On-Demand ONLY Membership. Back Bay Boxing Live Classes are NOT included in this membership.

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