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The Boxing Coach by Back Bay Boxing - Home of the Real Fighter. Here you'll learn correct boxing technique, master shadow boxing drills, all in HIIT Boxing Workouts that'll condition you like never before. Suitable for all fitness and boxing levels.

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The Boxing Coach is not a fancy or polished workout. It's a raw, gritty boxing workout series where you get to workout along with The Boxing Coach.



The Boxing Coach are the Online and On-Demand Boxing Workouts by Back Bay Boxing's owner and Irish boxer Coach Johnny Irish.
"Almost all Boxing Workouts these days have some spinning instructor running classes in colour-coordinated outfits. What's that all about? It's time to really learn to box! Forget about aimlessly hitting a heavy bag and make yourself 'think' you box!"


If you want to learn, you're finally in the right place! Check out my Intro to Boxing videos. Drill it over and over! Be patient!


I recommended you grab a jump rope, some light handweights, a med. ball and fitness mat.
With those you can do most of our workouts from anywhere!


I push myself in EVERY workout to the point where I'm working MY hardest! I want you to do the same! Remember, if it was easy they'd call it 'spinning'!

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Enough of the counting calories or punches thrown, it's time to get back to work!

Let's Get to Work!

Let's get to it!

Whether you're in it for a quick blast of Fighter Conditioning or Shadow Boxing you'll be at the top of your game in no time.

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"I used to think On-Demand Workouts sucked! Then I found The Boxing Coach! Once the workout starts, it time to fight."

- Meredith A.

"I feel like I'm in a live class and The Boxing Coach pushes me to work hard each class! I always feel accomplished when I'm done!"

- Maria S.

"There is so much content to choose from, there's always something different to try."

- Robert W.

"The shadow boxing videos are awesome and so easy to fit in anywhere!"

- Matt H.

"I felt old and out of shape. The Boxing Coaches workouts have changed that, invigorating my overall health and increasing my energy."

- Mary C.

"I love the Fighter Conditioning workouts! Finish these off with a shadow boxing session and I'm pumped for the day. Always an entertaining and satisfying workout."

Allison P.

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